Aubrey Preston

Krankcycle Trainer

Aubrey, SA’s first Certified trainer

My Journey

Born on 1963 12 22 in the Eastern Cape in the town of Port Elizabeth. In 1982 at the age of 19 and weighing just of 70kg I joined the George Loots Gym in Port Elizabeth. It was here through the encouragement of Warren De Klerk and Mr. Loots that I started my body building career. Three months after joining the gym I entered my first body building competition at the gym and took first prize.

aubrey_preston4It was from here that I built up myself and my courage to enter various competitions till 1995 when I entered into the Aerobic World Championship held in San Diago USA were I came second and again in 1996 in Orlando USA taking second place. In 2007 I took third place in Mr and Mrs Fitness SA held at Grand West Casino Cape Town South Africa. In November 2007 I entered into Fitness Hollywood where I came first in the Body Building Novis division. None of this could have transpired without the help of my nutritionist Mrs Bernadette Beyer and my choreographer Mrs Karen Van Broekhuizen.

Since my first win back in ’82 I set a personal goal and that was to one day have my own gym to help develop myself and others to achieve their personal best let it be in buildup of strength or fitness. On the 01 04 2008 my dream came true when I opened AP Body Concept a personal studio in Cartwrights Corner together with my partner Prudence.

No dream is too big to come true, so don’t ever give up on them. Have faith and you will be amazed as to what can happen.

Aubrey first found Krankcycle by Johnny G in August 2011 at the LA  Ideal Convention  . He instantly knew this was something he needed to get involved in and spread the word of Krankcycle across South Africa.


Aubrey is currently the only qualified teacher trainer of Krankcycling in South Africa. His enthusiasm and excitement to share the Krankcycle revolution is contagious and his praise has been amplified from the creator of the Krankcycle Johnny G himself.

Aubrey has over 30 years of training experience as a personal trainer and Aerobics instructor and is no stranger to a class environment. Using his years of experience and natural ability to build a natural rhythm in the class environment, classes with Aubrey almost seem effortless. You leave Aubreys classes feeling elevated rejuvenated and waiting in anticipation for the next encounter.

If your looking to boost your health increase energy levels and take your exercise to the next level, Aubrey’s your man. Full of positive energy and a natural strength to keep you on the right track to your fitness goals. No matter what level your at, he’ll be there to guide you all the way to your own personal success.