Personal Training

A Personal Trainer is a Fitness Instructor who works with an individual client. They assess their clients, and develop a fitness, health or diet programme to help them obtain their objectives. Our Studio comprises of mutliple award winning personal trainers, alowing our cliental to have the best training experience possible with amazing results.

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Kranking is the first exercise program to focus on the upper body as a way to build cardio fitness. It represents a new way to build aerobic capacity and upper body strength, burn calories and build core stability. And since it utilizes the upper body instead of the legs, it represents a unique cross-training opportunity for athletes of all types.



Tums & Bums

Tums and Bums is a fun class to target those stubborn areas of the thighs, buttocks & abdominals which will also burn calories, raise metabolism, and tone muscles. Exercises are designed to flatten and firm your tummy, lift and tighten your bottom, shape and tone your thighs as well as strengthen and support your back.


MYZONE Integration

Our Krankcycle® studio Incorporates MYZONE Technology. MYZONE is the only accurate monitoring device that wirelessly streams and uploads exercise data. It monitors heart rate, calories and uses a unique system MYZONE Effort Points (MEP) to reward the effort put in rather than your fitness level