I have had the privilege today of participating in a Krankcycle class with Johnny G, Yvonne Juarez, Brynon Black and Aubrey Preston. Little did I know that this futuristic space machine would give me such an emotional and energizing ride both for my body and my mind. A real trip to remember.


The morning Started off with Johnny G welcoming us all. He gave us an introduction to Krankcycle. It was an honour for me to have first hand his vision and insight to the Krankcycle Fusion and how its real purpose is to help all those from the elderly to the young and from the fully ablead to the partially disabled person. Johnny also introduces us to a new concept being My Zone. This is in my opinion what all Public and private gyms should have as a standard issue. My Zone is a software driven program that monitors and tracks the clients performance levels through out the entire class. Bringing unity and a feeling of self fulfilment to all the participants that are serious about themselves and there well being.

We where all first given a training video prepared by Mike Michels This was my very first experience to Krankcycle. The video was taken in a very serene but energizing setting. As a first timer at Krankcycle but a regular spinner I was still able to follow Mike Michels video with ease and got a good +/- 20 minute upper body work out burning 250 Kcal. For the record I would burn normally around 450 Kcal in a 45min spinning class. The satisfaction of firstly completing the session and the fact of me being able to burn 250 Kcal in 20min was an exhilarating body and mind experience.

Then it was Brynon Black’s turn to take the endurance Krankcycle Class. I thought to myself that if there was any time for me to pull out would be now as after all I was not supposed to be there. I convinced myself to stay seated and shortly the music started playing. It was not what I was used to in my normal spinning classes but so appropriate to the class and setting we found ourselves in. I shortly found myself zoning into Brynon’s workout and into a very special mental place giving me great energy and a inner power to endurehis calm but intensive workout and before I knew it we had arrived at the chill out zone (Blue on the My Zone) signaling that the endurance workout was unfortunately over. While cooling down I did a synopsis of my body and analysed how I felt to realize that I have never I felt so invigorated after any class that I had ever taken before. I now understood Johnny G’s message regarding Longevity training. Yvonne Juarez then took the Power Krankcycle class.

medium2Feeling so good from Brynon’s Endurance Krankcycle class I knew I had the energy to fuel me through Yvonne’s class.Yvonne took us gradually through the warm up fases of the Power Krankcycle class. Yvonne guided us every step of the way regarding our technique and at the same time using the My Zone to synchronize the class and bring us together as one team. Prior to the team reaching Yvonne’s target of the Green Zone on the My Zone screen. I felt myself becoming frustrated with myself as I was finding it difficult to push my heart rate to the targeted Green Zone on My Zone screen. Being attentive as Yvonne is, she approached me and tweaked my technique and with in seconds I was there with my team and in my zone. What an assume feeling and the best of it all I actually got there with less effort than before. In the Power Krank cycle ride the Green Zone is only the stepping stone to the Yellow Zone and again through her un aggressive persistence and fantastic music we where all in the Yellow zone. Being at our goal stage of the Yellow Zone where we kranked for three minutes maintaining our heart rate within the Yellow Zone. I was in my element my heart razing to 91% (173 BPM ) of my max. This was the peak that we reached and the team had ounce again done it together through assistance of Yvonne and my new friend and partner My Zone.


Duration 30 min
Kcal 229
Fat 45% Max HR 91% 173 BPM
Average HR 72% 136 BPM

In SummaryI have being sold and suggest that everyone that wants to improve their
wellbeing better add this on the very top of there Bucket list.

Good Luck to you all and keep Kranking
Romano Paulo Amaro Fernandes